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Application To Join The Team!

The undersigned applicant understands that the Vancouver Dungeon Monitor Team is a group of properly trained volunteer Dungeon Monitors and First Aid attendants who are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all event participants. The Vancouver DM Team is a fully autonomous group who, under the direction of Dungeon Monitor Coordinators, makes all safety and security arrangements and decisions independently and without influence from any party, including the event organizers. Volunteer DM’s undertake to make themselves available (to the best of their ability) to DM one event a month and to attend DM training sessions.

Pre qualifications to join include: at least one year of varied BDSM experience and attendance at a minimum of 4 BDSM play oriented or educational events, read and prove understanding of the DM Manual. To be placed on the DM roster and be given a shift, a candidate must have satisfied the DM Coordinators that he/she has a solid understanding of their duties and are capable of fulfilling these duties in a diplomatic and non-adversarial manner.

The following information is strictly confidential and will be used ONLY by the DMC’s:

Scene Name
Cell Phone
Best Time To Reach You?
Okay To Leave Messages?
E-mail Address
Years practicing BDSM? (non-cyber)
Why do you want to be a DM?
Have you ever been a DM before?
Do you have any special training/skills we should know about?
Are you a member of any other BDSM organization or group?
Do you have any shift limitations?
Do you feel you are qualified to put on any training demonstrations?
Name of DM or DMC referring you to our group or references
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