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Who Are We?

The Vancouver Dungeon Monitor Team is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of ALL those who attend the events we are asked to monitor. We accomplish this by having properly trained Dungeon Monitors and First Aid attendants on staff. Our role is to remove the responsibility and concern of DM’ing, security and First Aid from the event host(s) and thereby allowing them to focus on the many other details that go towards making an event fun and enjoyable for all.

The Vancouver DM Team is a fully autonomous group that, under the direction of Dungeon Monitor Coordinators, makes all safety and security arrangements and decisions independently. For each event that the Vancouver DM Team attends, the DM Coordinators and the Event organizers meet and determine the best set of “Event Rules”. Each event is different and each location has different aspects of safety to be taken into consideration. Once the “Event Rules” are agreed upon, the responsibility and the authority to enforce these rules, to the best of their ability and without influence, is passed to the Vancouver DM Team.

Event Rules are not intended to censure us, but to protect our community and the events we DM. The choices we make as individuals in our private play remains our own. The Vancouver DM Team will not pass any moral judgment on actions done in private spaces. However, for the greater protection of all, we reserve the right to define the limits of “safety” at events. Monitors will exercise the greatest objectivity and discretion in applying event rules, and seek the input of either fellow Monitors or the DM Coordinator on duty.