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A Brief History

In 2001 we noticed a growing problem within our community. There was no formal training whereby our local Dungeon Monitors could obtain skills or knowledge to respond to emergencies that should arise. There was also a concern that the Event hosts were also DM’ing their own events and this could lead to a potential perception of conflict of interest. Further investigation revealed that the current Dungeon Monitors did not have a common standard on what a DM needed to know and the event hosts were very open to the concept of an independent DM Team.

This lead to a joint effort by “The Captain” and “TrailMaster” to create a training program that would insure that DM’s would have a common core of knowledge. The result was a comprehensive training program developed with the input and assistance of Event Hosts, past DM’s, the community at large and selected resources made available to us from other communities.

At first there were two Dungeon Monitor Coordinators (DMC’s) and a club owner who worked on manuals, equipment and training schedules for the DM’s who would make up this team. Then a group of 16 DM’s began to meet for two day-long training sessions which included a wide range of topics from what a DM is, what a DM is not, how to handle a scene gone bad, and safe play techniques with a multitude of play styles. The DM’s learned anatomy and physiology as well as the proper way to cane, flog, pierce, electrify and mummify (and that was just the first demo sessions!). Finally, our team has one fully certified first-aid attendant and our level 3 DM’s have had emergency first aid training as well.

Truly, this group of people is dedicated to provide a safe, sane environment with consistent rules and guidelines for play. The DMC’s (now three of them) work with the club/party facilitators to ensure equipment is safe and there are Dungeon Monitors on duty ½ hour before play starts until ½ hour after play is closed down.