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The Standard Rules

A. ANYONE ENTERING THE EVENT at any time must meet every requirement for the event, be at least 19, must present valid ID, read and sign the rules and waiver form.

B. ANYONE LEAVING THE EVENT must be dressed in appropriate street attire. No one is to scene or draw attention to themselves out in front or back of the event venue. There will be no loitering in front of the event building.

C. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED in the dungeon, the washrooms, or the vendor area. Smoking will be permitted in a designated area. DM’s should direct smokers to the designated smoking area and make sure that no play is conducted in the smoking area.

Note: This is the Vancouver DM Team’s standard rule. Some events might have alcohol and you will be advised by the DMC’s ahead of time if this is the case.

1. Anyone deemed to be under the influence of any drug (including alcohol and prescription drugs) MAY be denied admittance, instructed to cease play or asked to leave the event, based on the discretion of the DM Coordinators.

Note: Some events may have alcohol on sale or may allow the consumption of alcohol at the event. In these cases the following rules will be in effect:

2. Alcohol is only permitted in the lounge area. If you intend to play, we ask that you not indulge in alcohol before… please save it for after. BDSM play and alcohol don’t mix. If the DM’s believe you are impaired your scene will be stopped. The DM’s decision is final.

Further notes:
a. The Dungeon Play area will be under the direct control of our DM’s at all times There will be no consumption of alcohol in the Dungeon Area at any time.

b. Anyone using illegal drugs, poppers, or any other mind-altering substances during the party will be asked to leave, with further legal and disciplinary actions to be determined by the D.M. Coordinators and Event Management.

c. Monitors must be aware not only of people trying to use such substances during a party, but more importantly, of the fact that if a person has consumed a large quantity of drugs just prior to arriving (particularly alcohol) the full effect may not hit them until after they’re past the door and possibly playing. If a person appears to be acting progressively more “intoxicated” as time goes by, and there is no evidence of on-site usage, they may be experiencing the cumulative effects of prior use. If you have any questions in this area, enlist the opinion of another Monitor or a D.M. Coordinator.

E. ABSOLUTELY NO ACTS OF PROSTITUTION ARE ALLOWED. This is defined by the offer or acceptance of money for sexual acts, including SM play by individuals. If the scene isn’t free, it isn’t done! Anyone violating this policy will immediately be asked to leave the Dungeon, with further disciplinary actions to be determined by the DMC and event host/s.

F. PHOTOGRAPHING, VIDEOTAPING, AND AUDIO TAPING ARE NOT PERMITTED WHILE THE DUNGEON IS OPEN. The DMC’s must be made aware of any photographic approvals before pictures are taken.

G. OPEN FLAMES OF ANY KIND ARE NOT PERMITTED, without prior permission from event Staff and only in designated areas determined by the DM Coordinators and Event Management. If someone wants to do fire play or wax play it is up to the DM to make sure that the players have adequate tarps to protect furniture and floors and a fire extinguisher is readily available. They need to also make sure that the play is not in a trafficked area and to inform the other Monitors. Tarps are available for use. Players will be responsible for cleaning the tarp after their scene. Then the tarp is to be returned to the DM’s. Isopropyl alcohol, etc., used in fire-play scenes, must be kept on a stable surface in containers that will not tip or spill.
H. NOTHING IS TO BE ATTACHED to the walls or attached to the ceilings, except at designated tie points.

I. NO MEANS NO! – BDSM only involves consensual acts.

J. BLOOD SPORT RESTRICTIONS: All play intended or likely to draw blood must be done only in the designated Blood Sports Area. A drop cloth must be used at all times.

K. NO SEXUAL ACTS!: Sensuality is fine, but leave the sexuality for the privacy of your own home. “Sex” is described as any genital/genital, genital/oral, genital/anal, oral /anal contact.

L. GAGGING: If a gag is used during a scene, a visual safe-word must be established.

M. NON PERMITTED PLAY SCENES: Water sports, scat play, play rape, face-punching, golden showers or cocktails, take-down scenes, adult baby play/infantilism will not be allowed.

N. SAFE WORD: The Event safe-word is “SAFE-WORD.”

O. BARRIER RULE: A barrier rule is in place and any/all toys inserted into a body cavity must be condomized first. Inserted hands (as in Fisting) must be gloved. Ungloved ‘digital’ play is permitted.

P. RESTRICTED PLAY ITEMS: Firearms, real or replica are NOT permitted on the premises. Stun Guns and Taser Guns are not permitted on the premises. Irritants such as Mace, ‘Bear Spray’ or Pepper spray is not allowed to be used on the premises.

Q. SILENCE CELL PHONES OR PAGERS IN PLAY SPACE: Cell phones or pagers are not permitted in the dungeon areas unless the audible ringer or alert function has been disabled. If your phone or pager has a “vibrate” function, please use it. Otherwise turn the device off. In the Lounge area, ringers or alerts should be kept at their lowest possible setting.

R. NO SOLO-PLAY: Solo-Play is another term used to describe self-masturbation. For the purposes of this rule “BDSM Play” involves two or more people. Solo-play of any kind will be stopped. This includes scenes of auto asphyxiation, whip cracking, or individual stunting.

Self suspension requires a spotter who is mentally and physically prepared to assist the self suspender, and is focused.